Our Projects
Sheet Metal Fabrication

MUHENDISLIK GRUBU offers sheet metal fabrication service with its well equipped factory for high and low production demands under high quality inspection. We can work with carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium or special steels.

Our facility is equipped with high quality and modern machines to handle short and long term production work as well as prototype. We specialise in high and low volume - custom sheet metal fabrication and prototype projects.

Works performed at our facility

* CNC Punching
* CNC Bending
* CNC Plazma Cutting
* CNC Lazer Cutting
* Guillotining
* TIG welding
* MIG welding
* Spot welding
* Argon welding

Our quality and service will make
MUHENDISLIK GRUBU an integral part of your production process. With its CNC machining methods, MUHENDISLIK GRUBU can take the simplest to the most complex parts and provide you with significant cost reduction.

Capability of our facility

* Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication
* Electro-Mechanical Assembly
* On-Line Production Management System
* Computer Aided Manufacturing
* 2500 m2 Manufacturing Facility
* 1-3 mm sheet metal processing with CNC
* 2000 x 4000 mm cutting dimension in
* Laser Machine
* Cutting upto 20 mm
* Bending upto 40 mm
* Bending upto 20 mm for 12 mt long
* Profile bending
High quality
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